The Perfect Health Insurance Companion

Sell New Clients and Make More Money with Virtual Health Benefits 

Expand value to your clients

Differentiate your insurance products

Earn steady monthly commissions

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Offer health benefits to uninsured employees

If you sell health insurance, our Virtual Health Benefits are a great way to: 

Affordable Health Benefits for Your SMB Clients

We Solve the Health Needs That Are Not Covered in Many Traditional Insurance Plans

Health Karma partners with insurance brokers and advisors to expand healthcare coverage with: 

Virtual Primary and Urgent Care Access

Mental Health (Therapy) Benefits 

Dental, Vision, Hearing, and Prescription Drug Savings 

An Online Health Management Portal and More 

The Perfect Health Insurance Companion 

Health Karma is a leading provider of Virtual Health Benefits. 

You can offer Virtual Health Benefits to your group and individual clients, at a low PEPM basis paid by the employer or by the employee/individual (via payroll deduction) 

Our benefit package is a great complement to a health insurance plan. And it can also be offered to employee groups that lack adequate insurance coverage, enabling you to serve more clients.

Because Health Karma is not insurance, it can be sold without a health insurance license

You will make ongoing monthly commissions for each new Subscriber 

You will have access to a partner portal to track your clients and your earnings in real time. 

Health Karma helps you deliver more value and earn more money. 

How Does It Work?

Start the Conversation

Refer People

Earn Commissions

Partnering with Health Karma has tremendous value

Attractive compensation

New revenue stream

Help generate more appointments

Open-up more opportunities to work with employers

Simple enrollment process for sales

Maximize your sales effort

Help generate higher employee participation

Offering valuable and affordable solutions

What our clients are saying 

Our employees love the Health Karma program. The resources they offer are truly making an impact in the quality of their healthcare experience. Partnering with Health Karma is a no-brainer. 

-Health Karma Client

Health Karma has provided my company and employees with so much value. Watching them take control of their health with the tools provided by Health Karma has been remarkable to see. 

-Health Karma Client

This program has made our employees feel supported in every step of their healthcare journey. The Health Karma team's capabilities and responsiveness have been world-class 

-Health Karma Client

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Our pricing

What is Included:

Virtual Primary Care 

Manage long-term wellness and chronic conditions by building a relationship with a Virtual Primary Care Doctor, getting a $0-copay annual wellness check (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel “CMP” Included), and booking unlimited follow-up appointments for ongoing health management.

Virtual Urgent Care

Unlimited access to see a virtual urgent care doctor at a $0 copay in as few as 10 minutes. Commonly used for minor medical issues that can’t wait to be seen. Get care advice, referrals, and prescriptions as needed to treat your issues.

Individual Plan 

Family Plan*




Monthly Membership Fee

Individual Plan 



Family Plan*


Monthly Membership Fee

*Add up to 7 Household Dependents

This is not insurance

Virtual Behavioral Health

Unlimited access to in the moment care with a licensed therapist 24/7/365. Speak to someone immediately when you’re in distress or schedule additional appointments.

Discount Rx Program

Get up to 75% off thousands of prescriptions at your local pharmacy with Health Karma Rx discounts and coupons.

Prescription Formulary

Access to the 40+ most commonly prescribed medications with a $0 copay.

Mental Health AI Chatbot

Ability to quickly text with Karmen, an artificial intelligence tool that is available 24/7 via text or webchat, to help you feel better by building mental health coping techniques and improving resilience.


Save up to 50% on routine dental procedures and up to 20% on specialists, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry from one of the nation’s largest dental networks.


Save on eye care and eyewear. Members receive special offers in addition to discounts through trusted, private-practice VSP doctors on eye and contact lens exams, glasses, and sunglasses. *Not available in WA.


Members have access to savings of 30% to 60% on hearing aids at over 5,500 nationwide network providers.

Member Dashboard

Find medical records, appointment history, appointment booking tools, and access all medical discount programs in your Health Karma account with care navigation support to guide you through the process.